Powerful Presentations – Overview

What’s the difference between presentations that sell and those that don’t? Learn the key in this quick overview.

Powerful Presentation Outline – Audio

Follow along with the handout as Samantha and Andy review the outline of a powerful presentation. This outline is the same one used by Enlightened Marketing — and our most successful clients — to develop powerful presentations for teleseminars, webinars and offline events. It’s a proven $$$ maker!!

Teleseminars that Sell

Looking for the best place to start while avoiding technological overwhelm? There ARE some tech details to deal with, but teleseminars are a simple way to get started selling your products, programs and services online.

Webinars that Sell

Discover the reasons webinars are sometimes better for your selling to your audience and review the top tech considerations.


Are storytellers born, or can you develop your skills as one? In this video you’ ll get actionable tips for how to use this skill in your business for maximum emotional impact, engagement and sales.

Sales Boosters

You can use all kinds of methods to increase sales. You’ll hear about 7 must-do sales boosters in the video and get another 20 (!) in the accompanying handout. There will definitely be something to fit your brand.

Find Your Audience

Use these tips to get (or get in front of) an audience for your presentations. After all, it doesn’t matter how powerful they are if no one sees them. ;) Coming soon…

The $20,000 Tips

I paid just over that for a program, and these two tips made it worth it. And now you’ll know them too!

Insider Tips & Tricks for Successful Presentations

Experts make it look so easy, but the truth is there are some not-so-well-known practices that reduce stress and effort while improving results. We thought you should know about them, too. Coming soon…

Action Day

Roll up your sleeves and work along with our Done-with-You Action Group to prepare for and outline your Powerful Presentation.