The Secrets Module – Overview

Why it’s important to master the 5 Ps that form the foundation of a successful business.


Would you drive across country without a map, GPS or driving directions? Don’t operate your business without knowing where you’re going.


If you’re not booked solid with client work, what should you be doing every day? Here are the places to focus and how to get more of the right things done.


A team will help you magnify your impact and stay in your Joy & Genius zone. Learn how to build yours.
Coming soon.


Business is about decision making, relationships, communication … and so much more. ALL of which are more effective when done from a place of balance and positivity.


What gets measured, gets managed. What gets managed, gets DONE. Here are 3 healthy money habits you can bring into your business that will help you increase profitability sooner and later.

Action Day

Work alongside Samantha to plan your year and promo calendar, hire a helper and get clear(er) about your money situation.