Client-Magnet Websites: Overview

Learn how you’ll transform a money-pit into a money-earner with the 5 Keys to Client-Magnet Websites.

Client-Magnet Websites: KISS!

Remember, if it’s not simple, it’s not magnetic!

Align Your Site with Your Business Model

When you’re clear about your intentions, it will be easier to get the results you want.

Your Brand Attracts Perfect Clients to Your Website

More than a logo, your brand permeates your site and conveys what words alone cannot.

Create Client-Attracting Content

Discover what visitors are really looking for when they come to your site and how to use it to turn them into clients.

Decoding the Mystery of Website “Traffic”

OK, you’ve built it and now … how on Earth do you get more than 7 people a day to visit your website?

Simple Ways to Increase Conversions

More than just attracting visitors, an effective website must convert them … to whatever is your next desired step for them.

[BONUS] SEO for Client-Attracting Websites

This lesson from my program, Attracting Perfect Clients, lays out the basics you need to know to get found in search engines.

Action Day

Get your site reviewed (if you dare!) PLUS take major action steps towards improving your site’s magnetism and conversions.