Samantha outlines the destination for this Module and why partnerships are important.

What Do We Mean by a JV?

Learn some key questions, definitions and distinctions about JV partnerships.

Why Should You JV?

These 5 reasons will have you chomping at the bit to get started with your first – or next – JV!

Finding the Right JV Partner

Sometimes finding the perfect partner is as simple as turning your head from side to side. ;-)

Exercise: Researching Potential Partners

In this audio from an Action Day, Samantha leads the group through the process of finding potential partners. Use the handouts to follow along and find your own!

What Do You Want to OWN?

Gain a new outlook on the abundance that awaits you through partnering.

Strategic Alliances and Referral Partners

Yes, you can find JVs OFFLINE, too. Here’s how.

Profitable Partnerships Action Day

Work alongside Samantha to identify your perfect partners, whether on or offline. Make a compelling offer and approach them with confidence!