Why We Create Automated, Ca$h Generating Emails Pt. 1 Why pre-write emails?

What’s the point of pre-writing all these emails? Learn some surprising statics about and uses for pre-written emails.

Why We Create Automated, Ca$h Generating Emails Pt. 2 Why automate emails?

Learn why changes to the business environment have made automated emails an absolute necessity. I’ll also talk about about some big advantages to automation that you may not have thought about before.

Email Marketing Defined

Email marketing is full of jargon. It’s hard to understand what’s going on when you’re just starting out with it. Get this scoop in this video.

The One Tool You Must Have for Automated, Ca$h Generating Emails

You may not be surprised what the tool is… but my thorough comparison of two different options will make your choice simple.

The Quickest Way to Simplify the Tech Piece

Nearly all experts and entrepreneurs get started doing email marketing the hard way. Enlightened Marketing sure did. This video is a real eye-opener about a simple way to save oodles of time and stress with your email marketing.

The Two Types of Emails You’ll Be Sending

Most experts and entrepreneurs nearly ignore one of the types of Ca$h Generating emails – to their own great detriment. In this video you’ll learn the two types of emails you’ll be sending and why they are both necessary.

How to Write Emails People Are Excited to Open

Email open rates are dropping… spam complaints are rising… but at Enlightened Marketing Headquarters we get unsolicited compliments like: “Thank you for taking the time to write an interesting email that flows and is enjoyable to read.” I don’t have a magic trick – but I do have some concrete, easy-to-implement tips to get your community members excited to open your emails.

7 Things to Put in EVERY Email

You want your automated emails to generate ca$h, right? These 7 tips will help you dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s” when you putting the finishing touches on your emails.

Set Up Your First Aweber List in 15 Minutes

Yes – it really only takes about 15 minutes.

Embarrassing Email Blunders

We’ll also talk about how to AVOID these blunders that can make you look like a real newbie… or worse.

Supercharge Your Email Writing Skills

In this “special treat” module, we’ll share some absolute top-notch emails to emulate – and Andy’s very favorite method for boosting his own writing skills.

3 Totally Different Businesses Profiting from Email Marketing

Not sure how your business can profit from email marketing? These case studies will show you how three completely different businesses turned email marketing into ca$h.

Action Day

Supercharge Your Email Writing Skills