Create Your Client-Attracting, List-Building Freebie

Discover why you need a freebie and the two purposes it must fulfill.

Plan It

What’s the best freebie for your business?

Align It

What format best serves my content and brand?

Design It

Outline your content so it fulfills the needs of your audience and your business.

Make It (Action Day)

Work alongside Samantha and Academy members to make your freebie.

Value It

How to position and value your freebie for maximum conversions.

Name It

Even free gifts need a name that communicates value. Revisit this video and process from Module 2.

[BONUS] Promote It

Also known as list-building or lead generation, sending people to your freebie as a first “taste” is essential.

Deliver It

How to make, upload and host multi-media freebies.

[BONUS] Our Favorite Tech Tools


Measure It

Here are the stats you can track to see how your freebie is performing.

[BONUS] Gallery of Favorite Freebies

Click here to leave a comment with your favorite freebie(s), and I’ll compile them into a report for everyone. I’ll select the “most helpful” suggestion to win a free eBook cover or freebie image from our favorite designer.

[BONUS] The Toughest FAQs