Samantha outlines the destination for this Module and which parts of your Signature System you’ll have when you arrive.

5 Steps to Crafting Your Signature System

Get your notepaper, flip charts, Post-Its and markers ready. It’s time to dive in to the creation process.

How to SIMPLIFY Your Program Design for Minimum Effort and Maximum Results

Just because it’s a system doesn’t mean it’s simple. Samantha shares lessons learned the hard way and shows you how to make it easy for your clients to thrive.

Top 7 Ways to Repackage Your Signature System into Multiple Revenue Streams

Your Signature System will be reflected in many aspects of what you do. Discover the highest leverage forms it can take, and select which are right for you.

How to Present Your Program So Clients Say YES!

Nobody wants coaching? That’s okay; you’ll learn to describe your offer so potential clients say, “OMG, I need to work with you!”

[Advanced] Structure Your Signature System to Build Out Your Business Model

Most coaches and consultants are stuck because they only sell one thing: their time. After this, you’re going to have so many more options.

Action Day

Work alongside Samantha and Academy members to craft your Signature System.