Evergreening Your Business – Overview

What is exactly is Evergreening? In this video you’ll see how to pull together everything you’ve learned in the Academy to create ongoing results, freedom and joy.

The BASIC Evergreen Sales Model

Discover how to take the components you developed over the course of the Academy to create the ideal path your prospects travel to become customers or clients.

Evergreening Your Service

Do you offer 1:1 services? Although there are time-based (and limited) aspects to your service, you can still create an evergreen system around it to send, prepare and follow up with leads.

How to Evergreen Your Product or Program

Here are the most common ways and the simple checklists you need to follow to go from doing the manual way every time to putting the whole thing on auto-pilot. Fly with freedom!

Case Study: Create Jaw-dropping Client-getting Messages

Andy explains how this program evolved from intensive, sometimes stressful launches to be a nearly effortless source of thousands in revenue every month.

The ADVANCED Evergreen Sales Process

Evergreening ANY part of your marketing and delivery will put you ahead of 99.7% of marketers out there. The tips in this video come directly from the remaining 0.3%. And they’re simple to do!.

Action Day

We’ll map out your funnel, outline the relationship-building process from opt-in to freebie consumption to making the offer to follow-up, conversion and ongoing relationship. AND you’ll get your how to questions answered about sequences, process, tech and more.