Got a “win” you’d like to share with us? Building your business often looks like a series of tiny, almost imperceptible changes, but I want you to notice them all: the time someone says (maybe for the first time), “OMG, I need your card!” Or, when you deliver your Jaw-dropping Self-Intro perfectly. And of course, when you land a new client.

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    “Broke free from hours for dollars with a new Magnetic Business Identity and business model”

    Although Jeanette had a whole roster of clients who knew her in the “old” role, she was already working in the new model just three months into our program! She wrote:

    “Celebrating a very successful project where I didn’t do the “dollars for hours” thing.”  By June she was transitioning the last few and celebrating “having a current client buy-in to the value based pricing and the direction of my business (yay).”

    Jeanette adds: “I’m thrilled that people are coming to me now and not as an admin, but as someone they feel they can trust with their business dreams and maybe help them get one step closer to making it reality.

    Jeanette Gardiner
    Gardiner Business Support Services

    “$15,000 from one teleseminar (and other $15,000 from following  up!)”
    Shan Larter

    “Action taking is where the rubber meets the road! …and where many would-be heroic stories and could-be inspirational genius get buried under the lie of ‘I am not good enough’. After I chose not to hide in ‘I am done,’ I went into Aweber and scheduled the email announcing ’round two’ to be sent the following morning…RIGHT AFTER I did this [remember it hasn’t even GONE OUT yet] I checked my email and there was a message from another person asking to sign up….You. Have. Helped. Me. Change. Everything.”

    Shan Larter
    Eating Disorder Freedom Coach

    Anjel Totty

    “From Rough Patch to Booked Solid”
    “When I signed up for MBI™, I was emerging from a rough patch of two years of extremely bad happenings that broke my spirit and my bank account. I was down to one client and struggled to make payments for that first program. It was completely worth the investment! After working with you,

    I’m ready to create a new business model because my current one has me booked solid!

    Anjel Totty
    Dyslexia Success Coach

    Anjel Totty

    “Largest customer project ever, worth over $150,000.”

    “I worked with Samantha to define my marketing message and she really helped me read the label that I could not read from inside the bottle. I just want to say it has given me a lot of confidence and this week I started working on the largest customer project I’ve ever closed, worth over $150,000.”

    Stephen Moulton
    Action Insight

    Anjel Totty

    “Confident I will captivate the attention of my ideal clients within 30 seconds!”

    “Working with Samantha helped me obtain lots of clarity as well as a better understanding of what branding strategies would benefit my coaching practice the most. I am honing in a specialty and revamping my intro speech in such an effective way that I am confident I will captivate the attention of my ideal clients within 30 seconds!

    I highly recommend Samantha! She is extremely knowledgeable, insightful, and added a lot of value in a very short amount of time!”

    Odilia McLeod
    Mentor Coach, Breakthrough Perspectives

    Shan Larter

    “I got a 7 year long training engagement worth over six figures each year!”

    “One day I finally got the nerve and struck up a conversation with a lady I’ve often seen at the parking garage at a hotel I train at. When I answered her question – ‘What do you do?’ – her eyes widened… her jaw dropped… and she said, ‘I know someone you need to talk to.’ From that unexpected contact I got a 7 year-long training engagement worth over six figures each year!”

    Emra Smith
    Love Living Today

    Shan Larter

    “I gave a shortened version of my introduction at a networking event last week and someone came up to me afterwards saying “You sound like you are doing interesting things with interesting people. I’d like to know more about you.” Someone else said “We are working with the same target market. Let’s get together and see how we can help one another expand our businesses.” So, it’s not yet perfect, but it is attracting interest from potential referral sources.”

    Michele Zwillinger
    Zwillinger Research