Bonuses for Academy Members

How to get more referrals audio program

There are a few big, obvious ways to increase referrals, as well as some little-known secrets the pros use to open doors. I shared both kinds on this fast-paced call.

Includes a downloadable mp3, scripts for “10 Ways to Ask For Referrals” and a “Sample Referral Agreement,” which you might use to set up referral partnerships or paid commission agreements.

Leads Tracking System – a $97 value

Most of my clients are solopreneurs who don’t need or want complicated Customer Management Software. Unfortunately, they end up using a hodge-podge of tools in which potential clients get lost. That’s why I’m including the Enlightened Marketing Leads Tracking System – the same one I use in my own business!

This spreadsheet is simple, effective and easy-to-use. One client shared, “The Leads Tracking Spreadsheet has really got me organized. For the first time ever, I’m going after leads in a systematic way. I write out ahead of calling each lead exactly what I want to say. I’m finding this keeps me sounding very organized and laser-like during the conversation.”

Special Report: How to Create Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages™

This 21-page report is your ultimate guide to answering, “What Do You Do?” and hearing, “OMG, I Need Your Card!”

“Get Out of Time Quicksand” video training + worksheet

Practical tips so you can stop struggling in “time quicksand” and create time to grow your business. Implementing these tips could open up HOURS a day in your schedule.

“Self-Sabotage and the Solopreneur” video training

How to turn around destructive, self-sabotaging behaviors into awareness and productivity.

Tools I use every day in my business

I’m asked almost daily about tools and software we use in our business, so I keep this resource list as a handy reference for you.

My First Membership Program, Lesson #52: “Your Overall Business Model”

In this lesson from My First Membership Program, I share how a simple Fixed-Term Membership (FTM) course fits into your overall business model. You’ll get a behind-the-curtain look at the elements that have turned Enlightened Marketing into a profitable, sustainable business.

Attracting Perfect Clients, Lesson #6: “Get New Clients Fast With Pinball Networking”

In this lesson from our popular Fixed Term Membership (FTM) course, I talk about one of the quickest ways to get clients fast. If I had to get $5,000 in new business by the end of the month, this is one of the main things I’d do.