“Broke free from hours for dollars…” – Jeanette Gardiner
“$15,000 from one teleseminar (and another $10,000 from following up!)” – Shan Larter
“Largest customer project ever, worth over $150,000” – Stephen Moulton

Finally – Stop the Revenue Roller Coaster and Start to Earn More Money More Easily…

… and Enjoy Leverage, Predictability and Peace Mind in Your Business

Samantha Hartley

The Tale of the Expert in Her Field – Who Was Awful At Marketing

The other day I got a heartbreaking email from a subscriber. Could it have been you?

“N” wrote me that he’s basically given up on getting clients and income online for now. Just thinking about it leaves him “distracted, doubtful and de-energized.” How can it be, I wondered, that an expert author with more than 5 years of business experience feels so down in the dumps about getting more clients and income online? :(

Sad but true: this is not an isolated case.

  • Does it flabbergast you that other coaches and consultants set up masterminds, mentoring and membership sites – and earn passive income… yet it eludes you?
  • Are you confused at how overwhelming it all seems – because you’re used to being successful?
  • Have you had ENOUGH of thinking, “I’m know I’m so smart and good at what I do. Why can’t I make this online thing work?”

Unfortunately, I’m not surprised when the answers here are “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!” Distracted, doubtful, de-energized… overwhelmed… I get it. I’ve been there.

pushing a boulderThe first few years I dabbled in the whole “Internet” thing were NOT promising. I spent thousands of hours and dollars studying programs. But with all the conflicting information out there — all of it urgent — sometimes it just seemed impossible.

This one time in particular — a few very smart friends and I got together, worked through one of these “here’s all the answers!” courses and months later, launched to … absolutely nothing.

It was unbelievably frustrating!

Listen, I’m accustomed to things going my way. I started working in glamorous international marketing right out of college and was traveling the world and earning a 6-figure salary at The Coca-Cola Company by my late 20s. And when I was thinking of starting my own business, I had clients calling me before I’d even fully-formed the idea! Failure just wasn’t a part of my self understanding.

Forces out there conspire to make getting more money, leverage and peace of mind difficult.

I hate to say it, but it’s true. There are a lot of people out there deeply invested in keeping you distracted, doubtful and de-energized…

Because distraction is their business model.

It’s much easier to pump out loads of information to sell you at $27 a pop than it is to actually teach you the basics.

I realized this years ago when I was just getting started with regular client attraction. Everything I found was either meant for people who had never had a business or clients before, or it was focused on tricks, hacks and other dubious tactics you and I would never use in businesses like ours.

Where was the real info for real business owners – entrepreneurs and experts in their own realms – who want to leverage their existing expertise and business skills online?!

The business dream that quickly ran out of steam

Ahhhh… Freedom!

That’s what I thought when I left my corporate job behind and launched my business just over a decade ago.

It didn’t take long, though, for me to discover that a lot of what bugged me at corporate followed me into self employment – and being a business owner brought a lot of new issues with it.

For my engagements I still had to get dolled up, hop in the car and fight traffic all the way to my stop revrococlient’s offices. And I was working hard. Waaay too hard.

Those project fees which looked so good at first seemed to shrink and shrink away. I was toiling hard to get results for my high-end clients, many of whom never truly committed to actually implementing my work for them. It was all on me.

The stressful part, though, was the “Revenue Roller Coaster.”

I’d get a five-figure engagement… work work work work… and when it was over, there was a zero month looming ahead. That was the part that was worse than my old j-o-b. At least back then I knew I’d get paid!

Fast forward a few years: My business runs very differently these days.

  • Instead of a packed scheduled of in-town networking meetings and client engagements, virtually all of my clients are online.
  • Multiple streams of revenue mean that I haven’t had a zero month in years.
  • Online programs have generated tens of thousands of dollars in passive revenue.
  • I can serve more clients and create a bigger impact with group programs.
  • My business is all about choice – I can take private clients when I want… and turn down those who are not a perfect fit.
  • My business gives me freedom. I can set my own schedule… travel… take time off for family when I need to …

More Money, More Impact and More Peace of Mind

freedomWhat does freedom look and feel like? It means something different to each person, but I know what it means to me.

Like so many of my clients, I’m in the “sandwich” generation. Many of us have children at home or just going off to college – and also parents who are reaching that stage in life where they need a bit more from us.

While my husband and I don’t have children, it was a family situation that underlined the importance of creating a freedom-based business. When his mom passed away this summer, we packed our bags and moved across the country.

We had time to celebrate his mother’s memory, take care of the estate – and still enjoyed the security and income provided by business as usual.

“Wow, I don’t know anyone else who can just pick up her business and move it halfway across the country at a moment’s notice,” my life coach told me. 

“Can I admit I am super-jealous at that freedom???” my business coach wrote. 

But that’s what freedom means to me.

  • Working from home – wherever that may be
  • Choosing to work only with Perfect Clients
  • Bringing in multiple streams of income

That Freedom Can Come More Simply Than You Think

There Are Just Three Essential Paradigm Shifts to Earn More Money, More Easily and Enjoy Leverage, Predictability and Peace of Mind

When you take care of the essentials, the freedom business you desire moves into reach.

Imagine you’re …

… Out with friends, enjoying a lovely dinner at the hottest new place in town. You glance down at your phone and notice you’ve just gotten an email notification of a sale. A hundred ninety-seven bucks! “Dessert’s on me,” you say, calling the waiter over.

… Having your first session with a new client… and you just love her. She’s self-motivated… eager to push forward… and fast to compliment you on your strengths. This is the fifth new Perfect Client you’ve gotten online – each one even better than the last.

… Taking a weekday off to relax in the garden… or catch that new exhibit… or just spend some quality time with your friends.

That’s what’s possible after the three paradigm shifts.

And that’s why I’ve created a special hands-on, done-with-you mentoring program that zeroes in on these essentials.

The first paradigm shift for more more money, more easily with leverage, predictability and peace of mind …

… will make everything about your business easier and more fun.

Back before I founded Enlightened Marketing… before I worked in strategic marketing at The Coca-Cola Company… before I moved to Russia… I was a Theatre major.

And I saw the power of the spotlight over and over again. When the spotlight shines on you at the wrong time, you clam up – stage fright. You can’t see – blinded by the light. But directed at the right person at the right time – the spotlight works magic. It unlocks emotions. It focuses you on what’s important.

Your marketing spotlight works exactly the same way.

This is the first paradigm shift, an earth-shaking reframe of your marketing — and business — approach:

Shine your spotlight on your Perfect Clients – NOT on yourself

You must be incredibly specific about your niche and specialty to get more clients and income online. This paradigm shift – shining your marketing spotlight on your Perfect Clients and NOT on yourself – is what unleashes the power here.

As an expert, you are justifiably proud of your expertise, experience and process. But if you spotlight yourself too soon, your audience gets confused or bored or, worse, annoyed. And it is what causes you to feel salesy or pushy (ick!). So, what’s the right thing to do?

People love hearing about themselves. Their issues. Other people like them (to get perspective). What’s possible when they solve their problems or reach their goals.

Your task:

Shine your marketing spotlight on your Perfect Client during every step of client attraction – from first contact, to relationship building, to making the sale.


“I want you to know that the impact of following your lessons exactly as you laid them out REALLY DOES WORK!! I was able to obtain my very first PERFECT CLIENT who pays my hourly fee without blinking an eye, no questions at all and that makes my heart sing – big time!”

Louella-Rosie Jones
LR Jones Partnership

Here are your concrete action steps:

Craft a Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™

My client, Tom, an education consultant, needed a 20 minute presentation before his clients understood what he could do for them. 20 minutes. With slides. Is it any wonder he was struggling to attract clients? Once we shifted the focus of his self-intro from him to his clients and their wants and needs, he had a Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ that got the message across in 20 seconds.

This is especially critical online, because online attention spans are even shorter than in person. The person who might listen politely because you’re standing in front of her will click away after 2 or 3 seconds if the words on your website do not grab her.

In my hands-on, done-with-you mentoring program, you get my proprietary done-for-you templates:

  • The Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ CheatSheet with 5 formulas for an irresistible self-intro
  • 10 templates for cascading your Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro across all your marketing messages

Even better: together, we craft your own Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro during a special done-with-you Action Day.

“I got a 7 year long training engagement worth over six figures each year!”
Emra Smith

“One day I finally got the nerve and struck up a conversation with a lady I’ve often seen at the parking garage at a hotel I train at. When I answered her question – ‘What do you do?’ – her eyes widened… her jaw dropped… and she said, ‘I know someone you need to talk to.’ From that unexpected contact I got a 7 year-long training engagement worth over six figures each year!

Emra Smith 
Love Living Today

Offer What Your Clients Really Want

One of the problems with “me-focused” marketing is that it is ignored by potential clients. Talking about one’s own background, expertise or programs doesn’t show them how that coach or consultant could help them solve their problems.

Online programs sold with a “me” focus are doomed to fail. It’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately, I speak from experience.

My first information product was something I was convinced my clients needed… but no one wanted it. That sucker was impossible to sell. It was a huge, time-consuming boondoggle.

One day in incredible frustration, I sent out a survey and got a crystal clear response about what my audience wanted. How easy is that? They told me what to make for them — and I made it and they bought it.

Identifying what your clients have a burning desire to buy from you – and helping you make it – are things we’ll do together in my hands-on, done-with-you mentoring program.

Together, with the help of paint-by-numbers worksheets, we’ll craft your offer during an Action Day.

Sound like a big list?

Well… it is. I’m not going to lie and say you can do this overnight. But you can break this into manageable – even fun – steps. That’s what my done-with-you mentoring program is about.

And it’s so worth it – the rewards of online client attraction are so immense.

Whether your top interest is working with “more self-motivated and independent” clients… or you want (or need) more freedom and flexibility in your schedule – there are so many reasons to get more clients and income online.

Build a Relationship with Client-Focused Follow-Up

Your services are valuable, but most visitors don’t take the leap to work someone after a short visit to a website.

Client-focused follow-up, with what I call “Automated, Ca$h-Generating Emails” is absolutely critical to getting more clients and income online. There’s absolutely no way around that.

Soon after my client Jeanette began sending out her own Automated, Ca$h-Generating Emails, she added a new stream of revenue to her business – even though her list was small.

She wrote her Automated, Ca$h-Generating Emails the easy way – with my templates and checklists, including:

  • Fill-in-the-blanks templates for your first 5 email follow-up messages
  • Checklist – “The 7 Things to Put in EVERY Email”

In my hands-on, done-with-you mentoring program, you get an entire training module devoted to your own Automated, Ca$h-Generating Emails. Then, during the Action Day, we plan and write your first few emails together.

“New customer within 5 minutes”
Ted Grace

“Samantha, let me say thank you again for helping us get this service moving. The email you helped us develop was just sent out and within 5 minutes we had our first new customer call.”

Ted Grace
President, Integrated Claims Management

The second paradigm shift is not about cooking …

… but that’s where I finally got it. I’m a very serious home cook. I studied with mean chefs in France. I travel with my own knife.For me recipes are a suggestion rather than directions. I other words, I LOVE to wing it. Winging it feels spontaneous and inspired. It seems fresh and relevant, like you’re doing the right thing in the moment.

There’s just one problem. Wing it doesn’t always work.

It resulted in an embarrassing disaster with the last gluten-free pizza that I made — for a guest. I’ve made this crust a million times and it had never messed up. I could blame the different oven, water or … altitude, maybe … but the real truth is, I wang it. (Winged it? Wung it?) So what does my bizarre pizza crust have to do with marketing?

Creative and experienced experts and entrepreneurs often “wing it” and get disaster in their marketing

  • It’s a week into November, what am I going to do to grow my business this month?
  • It’s Monday, what am I going to do this week?
  • Oh no, have a huge tax bill due, how am I going to bring in $6,000 real quick?

The reason I, as a spontaneous, impulsive, creative person finally hunkered down and stopped winging it was that I was very, very tired of bad pizza crust.

In my business, I was tired of crappy, inconsistent, unpredictable results.

Yes, creativity and experimentation are very important parts of your business. But when it comes to marketing, winging it actually shuts down creativity – and results in frustration, overwhelm and hours of wasted time.

The second paradigm shift you must make to earn more money, more easily and enjoy leverage, predictability and peace of mind is to go from winging it to following a system.

When you have a system for attracting new prospects and turning them into paying clients, you don’t waste time frantically winging it, so you have more space to let your creativity flow. Because you know exactly what to do, you get more done in less time. And it’s effective. You have more money you can enjoy spending. And you have more time you can enjoy however you like – cooking, gardening or having a glass of wine with friends…

Suddenly, following a system sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? ;)

Steve Hendon
“I find myself working with more people right now than I have ever worked with at one time and I love it.”Steve Hendon
Practice to Business

Let me give you an example…

A System for Enrolling Clients with Easy Free Sessions

“I don’t want to SELL someone on something.” Those were the words of Sandy, a client and friend with whom I was sharing my new program. I asked her about the challenges she had getting clients for her business.

What is Sandy’s #1 challenge? How to turn interested prospects into clients without feeling icky.

Turns out that Sandy held a common misconception: she believed that “good” coaches and consultants enrolled clients with a simple conversation. If there was chemistry, then people would choose to work with her. She wanted to be spontaneous, “in the moment.”

The truth is: selling sessions that WORK – meaning, they actually get clients to hire you consistently – are carefully prepared. They are scripted and rehearsed. There’s no “winging it.” That allows you to feel comfortable in the moment, connect with your potential client – yes! be spontaneous! – and still know you’re covering all the bases.

In my done-with-you mentoring program, we script your client-enrolling session together – and of course there are templates, worksheets and checklists to make it easier:

  • Word-for Word Script: “How to Transition Clients from Free or Trade to Paid”
  • Worksheet: “Counter the 7 Objections to Enrollment”
  • Checklist: “The Cost of NOT Resolving this Issue”
  • Template: “Outline of a Consultation”
  • Resource: “Raising Your Rates? 6 Ways to Price Your Services”

But that’s not the only system we’ll put into place in your business.

A System for Profitable Presentations

“$15,000 from one teleseminar (and another $10,000 from following  up!)”Shan Larter

“Action taking is where the rubber meets the road! …

After I chose not to hide in ‘I am done,’ I went into Aweber and scheduled the email announcing ’round two’ to be sent the following morning…RIGHT AFTER I did this [remember it hasn’t even GONE OUT yet] I checked my email and there was a message from another person asking to sign up….

You. Have. Helped. Me. Change. Everything.”

Shan Larter 
Eating Disorder Freedom Coach

In my hands-on, done-with-you mentoring program, we’ll craft your Profitable Presentation using the exact same teleseminar template that Shan used.

Systems are also integral to…

…The third paradigm shift: from time-based, one-on-one with all your clients to generating multiple streams of revenue.

“If you have four… you’ll never be poor.” That’s a favorite quote of mine by the late Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart and zillionaire. He was talking about the multiple streams of revenue. I’ll get to that in a moment, but first I want to share a scenario with you:

Imagine you’re out with friends, enjoying a lovely dinner. You glance down at your phone and notice you’ve just gotten an email notification of a sale. A hundred ninety-seven bucks! “Dessert’s on me,” you say, calling the waiter over.

When I share this scenario with experts and entrepreneurs who’ve never made money doing anything but one-on-one work, I see mixed emotions. Delight, disbelief, envy, yearning and skepticism. It seems impossible. Or, if it is possible, it’s for someone else besides them. Not only is this realistic for you, I believe it’s essential. If you don’t have multiple income streams, you’re putting yourself at risk from economic ups-and-downs, illness or burnout.

Let’s take a look at the essentials for moving from time-based, exclusively 1:1 work with your clients to multiple streams of revenue.

“Broke free from hours for dollars with a new business model”

“Celebrating a very successful project where I didn’t do the “dollars for hours” thing.”

By June she was transitioning the last few and celebrating “having a current client buy-in to the value based pricing and the direction of my business (yay).”

Jeanette Gardiner
Gardiner Business Support Services

There are two major, interrelated parts to this:

Multiply Your Earnings with Value-Based Pricing

My client Dani was an experienced trainer in the world of corporate people issues. When she showed me the proposal she wrote for a potential new project, I was shocked by the fee she quoted. The client was huge, and her impact was going to be as well. There was just one problem:

That price – it was laughably low.

Dani and I had worked in the past on defining her marketing messages, communicating it and attracting clients offline and online. She had a lot going for her, but her income had been stuck in 5 figures. And just now I had seen the reason. Dani was trapped in one of the “traditions” of her profession. I helped Dani increase her bid on the proposal (a LOT). And I also helped her to ensure it got accepted.

We did something that isn’t just important for raising your prices – it’s fundamental if you want to get more clients and income online. And when you see what she ended up charging, your head may explode too. :)

A few weeks later Dani and I celebrated wildly. Dani’s proposal for 10 TIMES the original fee had been accepted by her client. Sure, the work had just begun. But being fairly compensated, Dani was more motivated than ever to get spectacular results – as well as testimonials and referrals.

“Raised prices nearly 800%”Paul

“I had no way of explaining what I did, or even how I did it. I just knew I was passionate about, and good at helping others solve very difficult life challenges, but there was very little around which I could build a business. Now, 17 months later I find myself with an emerging vibrant, focused and compelling business identity and inspiring clients, and I’ve raised my prices nearly 800%.”

Paul Falconer
Enlightened Business

How did we do it? With…

A Signature System for Serving Your Clients

Alex, a life coach, strongly believed in letting the client determine the direction of his work with them. You know – that whole “meet them where they are” kind of thing. ;-) His Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ was getting him clients online. But, problem was … most people took him up on his paid sample session, and it was ruining his business!

It wasn’t that they were dissatisfied. Nononononono, quite the contrary – they felt so much better after just one session with him, that they’d QUIT. Now, you and I both know that coaching and consulting work a bit like antibiotics. (lol – stay with me here!) Take a little and you might feel so good that you stop. But, when you quit too soon, the problem often comes back with a vengeance.

In some cases Alex knew his clients’ issues had recurred, but still they didn’t come back to him. Who knows … Maybe they felt he hadn’t truly solved their problem after all! Or … Maybe they were embarrassed to admit they were in the same place again. :(

Either way this left Alex feeling discouraged and questioning himself. After all, he was pretty good at getting clients… but he had a lot of trouble KEEPING them! Not to mention doing amazing work – the foundation of his clients’ transformation – only to earn a measly one session fee for his genius.

He was too good for his own good.

** Flash forward a few months **

After I worked with him, Alex’s clients began to stay with him a minimum of 4 TIMES longer than they had before!! Of course they got even better results, and Alex did, too. Elated clients gave him jaw-dropping testimonials and sent him referrals to their closest friends and colleagues across the country. And did I mention … we doubled his prices. DOUBLED.

BEFORE: Alex’s biggest issue had been that he was great at getting clients and results, but they wouldn’t renew.

NOW: Alex changed the way he does business and never has to worry about that again.

How did he do it?

It’s not a big mystery. In fact you might even be underwhelmed when you find out how we do it:

A Signature System

Yep, it’s that simple. When you develop your proprietary step-by-step approach, some amazing things happen:

  1. First, you can promise results; because you know those who follow your Signature System will achieve specific outcomes.
  2. More clients will say yes! It’s so much easier to sign up clients when they know what will happen, how long it will take and the outcomes they can expect.
  3. You can give yourself a raise, because clients will pay more for their desired outcomes AND stay with you longer as they follow your Signature System!

Could you DOUBLE your prices and QUADRUPLE – 4X! – the length of time clients work with you?

That’s exactly what happened with Alex, the life coach whose clients would feel better after just one session and stop coming!

When he created his Signature System, he doubled his prices and clients stayed a minimum of FOUR times longer!

But that’s not all: By following Alex’s Signature System, they got even better results, and Alex did, too. Elated clients gave him jaw-dropping testimonials and sent him referrals to their closest friends and colleagues.

THE VERY BEST Reason to Create Your Signature System: Multiple Revenue Streams

Instead of ONLY working one-on-one with your clients, in a custom-tailored approach that differs from one client to another …

A Signature System allows you to create leveraged revenue with group programs, passive revenue with information products and recurring revenue with membership sites or licensing programs. When you do that, you serve so many more with your gifts and talents.

red drawn arrow points leftSimply put, a Signature System magnifies your impact, simplifies your life and multiplies your earnings.

Serve your clients better while working less and earning more? It’s Win-Win.

You can create your signature system with my hands-on, done-with-you mentoring. You’ll discover:

  • 5 Steps to Crafting Your Signature System
  • How to SIMPLIFY Your Program Design for Minimum Effort and Maximum Results
  • Top 7 Ways to Repackage Your Signature System into Multiple Revenue Streams
  • How to Present Your Program So Clients Say YES!
  • How to Come Up with Seductive Names that Sell Your Program for You
  • Profitable Alternatives to Signature Systems
  • [Advanced] 25 Ways to Add Value, Stand Out From Competitors and Escape Commodity Status Forever
  • [Advanced] Structure Your Signature System to Build Out Your Business Model

Even better… we’ll outline your signature system together during a done-with-you Action Day!

“I’m SWAMPED in business and the class made a huge difference. Loved it!!”
G Wilkerson
“My business is much steadier, steadily UP that is! I would absolutely recommend Samantha – and have – to everyone I know who has a business. My partner was marveling over the increase in sales and said “that class was worth its weight in gold!” I said, “Just wait till I manage to implement the OTHER HALF of what I learned!”

Many folks think they don’t have time or money right now. The time and money are SO WORTH IT. Samantha, in a world seemingly full of ‘coaches’ who seem to be very in love with their own charisma, your approach, manner and expertise is a WELCOME and worthwhile investment!”

G. Wilkerson
Limbertwig Press

The Key to Accelerate the 3 Paradigm Shifts for More Money, More Easily With More Leverage, Predictability and Peace of Mind

Make A Quantum Leap Forward – With A Mentor

Mentors propelled me along in quantum leaps.

When I was at corporate, a bright young consultant talked with me about setting fees. About a year later, I used her advice on a proposal for my first client. When I needed to build a website but had no idea where to start, a mentoring program helped me crank it out and get it launched. I still remember the first time I got a client from it.

When I was working really hard yet still getting crushed by the revenue roller coaster, investing $25K in a mentor helped me change my business model and double my income. Yes, double.

 Sure, I’ve had some failures along the way along the way.

Some stuff I tried did not work at all, because the mentors could not adapt their advice to my field. Some things worked but created outcomes I just didn’t want. And it was hard for some mentors to understand my values. That leads me to important point. I may or may not be the right mentor for you. Only you can decide.

Here are some criteria I have used to find my best leaders and guides

  • Is she/he an expert in the area?
  • Is she/he walking the talk?
  • Does she/he have a business model and a lifestyle you want to model? Some people want an empire; others want to meet their tribe at big live events; still others want to do everything virtually. You’re more likely to get what you need following the model of someone who created the business YOU want.
  • Does she/he share – and act from – your values?

The values that drive me most in my business are joy, integrity and effectiveness.

If I don’t “in-joy” it, I ain’t doin’ it – plain and simple.

A mentor once exclaimed, upon hearing about my high-end engagements, that I should just do “custom, in-house consulting engagements and make millions of dollars!” No, thanks. I am not motivated by money; and those jobs are not all joyful.

Integrity means honesty, sure. But to me it’s more about alignment of thought, word and deed. I walk my talk, don’t give advice I don’t follow and act in accordance with my values. You know that isn’t always easy, but it’s a spiritual journey I’m on every day. ;)

Finally, effectiveness. I believe things should work. If it’s not effective, why do it? Struggle isn’t character-building; it’s unnecessary. A priority in my business is simplifying what we teach and supporting our clients so things work even better for them with a shorter learning curve and less effort.

That is the foundation for my new program.

“Our numbers this month are absolutely incredible”
Jan Guthrie

“What I got out of this course was something I didn’t even know I needed. And that is an understanding of the language of marketing and the ability to express what I do clearly, appropriately and in respect for the rhythms of the prospective client.

We raised prices $100 per report (up 33%) and added a fee for consultations – NO market pushback whatsoever. Our numbers this month are absolutely incredible. The reason, I know beyond a doubt, is that I am different on the phone. Now, I have always thought I was good on the phone. But NOW, it’s like I can’t NOT get an order!

Jan Guthrie, Director
The Health Resource

The Magnetic Marketing Essentials Academy…

… Hands-On, Done-With-You Mentoring So You Earn More Money, More Easily and Enjoy Leverage, Predictability and Peace of Mind

The Magnetic Marketing Essentials Academy is a 10-month, hands-on done with you mentoring program walking you through how to get leads, convert them and put in place the systems and support you need.

Each month you and I take a deep dive and focus on one of the components required for the three pillars. As you’ve just seen in your self-assessment, you have gaps and we’ll work together to close them.

Four Ways We Guide You Through the Essentials for More Clients and Income with Leverage, Predictability and Peace of Mind

Part 1: Multimedia Training on Each Exciting Topic

Each month, you’ll get a new paint-by-numbers training module that includes videos, downloadable transcripts and downloadable audio so you can get all the information in the learning style you prefer. We’ll cover:

  1. Get Your First 5 Perfect Clients – fund your business quickly with clients you LOVE
  2. Create Your Signature System – get clients to pay more & stay longer and finally productize your business
  3. Selling with Integrity – close clients easily without icky selling and wasting time on tire kickers
  4. Create Your Freebie – the first step to automate your marketing and growing a tribe
  5. Automated Ca$h Generating Emails – automate your sales process for more sales and more freedom
  6. Profitable Partnerships – JVs and referral partners are the fastest way to grow your online business
  7. Client-Magnet Websites – simplify a complicated topic… to get dramatically better results
  8. Systems & Support – 5 traps most business owners fall into at some point or another… and how to avoid them
  9. Powerful Presentations – put leverage in your marketing (this is the model Shan used for her $25,000 teleseminar)
  10. Evergreening for Freedom

Part 2: Done-for-You Materials that Do Half the Work for You

Get my fill-in-the-blanks templates, checklists, word-for word scripts and proprietary cheat sheets. These are the exact same documents I use in my own business. Here is a small selection of what you’ll get:

  • Checklist: “Top 5 Ways to Get Clients Fast”
  • Word-for Word Script: “How to Transition Clients from Free or Trade to Paid”
  • Template: “Outline of a Sales-Getting Free Consultation”
  • Resource: “Raising Your Rates? 6 Ways to Price Your Services”
  • Checklist: “125+ Ways to Add Value, Stand Out from Competitors and Escape Commodity Status Forever”
  • Template: “Your First 5-Part Email Follow-Up Sequence”
  • Template: “Referral Agreement for Profitable Partnerships”
  • Checklist: “Top 10 Places to Promote Your Freebie”
  • Template: “Step-By-Step Outline for a Teleseminar that Creates a Rush of Sales”
  • Report: “Order Boosters: 27 Ways to Create Urgency and Get People to Buy Now”

Part 3: Q&A Calls to Get Your Questions Answered

Each month from January through October, get clarity about the content and expert insights into your situation during live calls. Download the recordings of past calls for your reference.

Part 4: The Secret Sauce – Done-With-You Action Days

During these monthly hands-on, done-with-you mentoring sessions, I’ll walk you through the training and we’ll get it done together. This unique process means you get feedback and answers to your questions while you are working. When we’re done, you have materials ready to use with your clients, so you can transform learning into earning.

chart of 3 elements + 10 modules (1)

These Done-With-You Action Group sessions are like inviting me to your office to help you actually complete projects so you can attract clients faster and get your sustainable business model open for business.


“The action group was awesome! I got a lot out of it! I can’t wait for the next one!”

— Isabelle

“Love the interactive sessions you do. Please keep it up! Learn so much from others on the call as well as from you and Andy.”

— Michelle

“Great workday!  I got a lot more clarity and structure!  Thank you!!”

— Heather

Like a $10,000 Mentoring Group in Every Way But One

This program is like a $10,000 mentoring group in every way but one.

You’ll have me as your mentor to take you through this content. You’ll have access to me through Q&A calls, Action Days and  the members-only blog.

Along with that you get this custom developed curriculum, which combines the value of at least five $2,000 programs.

But I know $10K is not realistic for everyone, so I decided to make the investment in the Academy $3997 .

Today with early enrollment: save big and make 6 easy payments of just $397 (expires November 26th).

My 110% Guarantee

I’m confident that you’ll get results with my hands-on, done-with-you mentoring. That’s why I’m offering a “more than your money back” guarantee. If you attend all of the Action Days and are dissatisfied in the end, just show me that you implemented the results of each Action Day and we’ll refund 110% of your investment in the program!

checkboxYes, Samantha, I want you to be my mentor for more clients and income online.

 I understand that I am getting

  • 10-module multimedia training program covering the essentials for building a sustainable, profitable business
  • Done-for-you templates, checklists, word-for-word scripts and proprietary cheat sheets for each module
  • Monthly Q&A calls from January to October 2014 to get my questions answered
  • Monthly done-with-you Action Days from January to October 2014

My investment is risk-free and protected by the Enlightened Marketing 110% Guarantee.

Please enroll me now so I can save big $3997

Just 6 Easy Payments of $397


“I found the “done with you” personal feedback I received from Samantha PRICELESS!”

“My favorite thing about working with Samantha was learning how to powerfully increase the effectiveness of my marketing message which can be used in all my marketing media – business cards, emails, website content, sell sheets, brochures and even my elevator speech!

This year my usual methods for client attraction were largely unsuccessful. Thanks to Samantha I have been able to use new strategies, make old strategies more effective, keep my doors open, and help more people!

I attended a bridal show, and even though the event sponsor encouraged Brides-to-be not to purchase at the show, I sold 3 show specials.

Samantha, I am benefitting GREATLY from your courses and educational materials. They are worth their weight in gold. I would not have had the confidence to grab this opportunity to get in front of 550+ Brides-to-be in such a short time without you!”

Shawn S. Liburdi, OTR/L, CHt
Georgia Hypnotherapy Associates

Anjel Totty

“From Rough Patch to Booked Solid”

“When I signed up for your program, I was emerging from a rough patch of two years of extremely bad happenings that broke my spirit and my bank account. I was down to one client and struggled to make payments for that first program. It was completely worth the investment! After working with you, I’m ready to create a new business model because my current one has me booked solid!

Anjel Totty
Dyslexia Success Coach

Anjel Totty

“Largest customer project ever, worth over $150,000.”

“I worked with Samantha to define my marketing message and she really helped me read the label that I could not read from inside the bottle. I just want to say it has given me a lot of confidence and this week I started working on the largest customer project I’ve ever closed, worth over $150,000.”

Stephen Moulton
Action Insight

checkboxYes, Samantha, I want you to be my mentor for more clients and income online.

I understand that I am getting

  • 10-module multimedia training program covering the essentials for building a sustainable, profitable business
  • Done-for-you templates, checklists, word-for-word scripts and proprietary cheat sheets for each module
  • Monthly Q&A calls from January to October 2014 to get my questions answered
  • Monthly done-with-you Action Days from January to October 2014

My investment is risk-free and protected by the Enlightened Marketing 110% Guarantee.

Please enroll me now so I can save big $3997

Just 6 Easy Payments of $397